Dr. Nate Lighthizer

Dr. Nate Lighthizer, O.D., F.A.A.O

Nate Lighthizer

Born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota, Dr. Nate Lighthizer, O.D., F.A.A.O., is a graduate of
Pacific University College of Optometry. Upon graduation, he completed a residency in Family
Practice Optometry with an emphasis in Ocular Disease through Northeastern State University
Oklahoma College of Optometry (NSUOCO). Dr. Lighthizer has since joined the faculty at the
Oklahoma College of Optometry and serves as the Chief of Specialty Care Clinics and the Chief
of Electrodiagnostics Clinic. In 2014, he founded and now heads the Dry Eye Clinic at the
College of Optometry. Also in 2014, he was named the Director of Continuing Education as well
as the Assistant Dean for Clinical Care Services at the Oklahoma College of Optometry. Starting
in 2020, he was named the Associate Dean of the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry. He is a
founding member, and currently serves as Immediate Past President, of the Intrepid Eye Society
which is a group of emerging thought leaders in optometry. He was named a member of PCON
250 – A list of the top 250 optometrists in the country who practice progressively, provide
innovative patient care, conduct optometric research or excel in academia and share what they
have learned with other optometrists to advance the profession. Dr. Lighthizer lectures
nationally and internationally on numerous topics, most notably advanced ophthalmic
procedures, electrodiagnostics, and ocular disease. He has performed and supervised
optometric students and residents performing thousands and thousands of office-based
optometric procedures including YAG laser capsulotomies, laser peripheral iridotomies, laser
trabeculoplasties, YAG laser vitreolysis, chalazion incision & curettage, removal of eyelid lesions
and biopsies, among many others.